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Board profiles

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Chris Macdonald

Chris is a co-founder and former Chief Executive of Brooks Macdonald plc

Chris has over 30 years’ experience in investment management and financial services, and has won several investment management awards.

Chris’s professional positions are as follows:

  • Non-Executive Chairman of leading pensions provider, Curtis Banks plc

  • Non-Executive Director Amati Global Investors Venture Capital Trust 2

  • Associate of the Institute of Continuing Professional Development

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Tony Stenning
Chief Executive Officer

Tony has over two decades of investment industry experience, including sixteen years at BlackRock, where he was Head of UK Retail. During his tenure at BlackRock, in addition to heading the Company’s UK Retail business, Tony was CEO of BlackRock Fund Managers Limited and represented the Business on a number of senior committees across the firm, as well as across all facets of the industry.

Tony is heavily engaged with TISA (The Investing and Saving Alliance), currently as interim Chair and is a regular speaker on various industry topics.

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Richard Butland
Independent Non-Executive Director
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Richard Lanyon
Independent Non-Executive Director

Richard Lanyon retired as an investment director at Rathbone Brothers Plc at the end of 2018. Initially with Laurence Prust, he moved to Framlington Group Plc in 1986 where he was the Board member responsible for pension funds.

Richard is Chairman of the Remuneration and Audit Committees.

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Russell Catley

Russell was previously Head of UK & Ireland Retail Equity Derivatives at Citigroup, joining in early 2004. Together with Andrew Lakeman, he successfully established Citigroup as a leader in the provision of private placement structured investments to institutional and professional asset managers in the UK. Along with Andrew and Tom, Russell has been a constant presence in the institutional structured products market in the UK, since its inception in the early 2000s.

Prior to joining Citigroup, Russell was Director of Retail Sales at AXA Investment Managers, with responsibility for the sales of proprietary retail investment funds, multimanager and alternative investment products from AXA Group companies and Alliance Capital Management. Russell's appointment with AXA in 1999 was preceded by 1 year in institutional asset management and 11 years in pensions and investment consultancy.

Russell’s professional positions are as follows:

  • Non-Executive Director Downing FOUR VCT plc

  • Founding Member, Herefordshire Golf Academy LLP

  • Founder, Atlantic House Investments Limited

Andrew Lakeman

Andy joined Citigroup in early 2005 to build out the Structured Product business to UK asset managers. Working with Russell Catley he was responsible for the sales and service of the Symphony preference share series. Andrew is also well regarded for his specialist derivatives product training, having delivered programmes for many of the larger discretionary asset management firms over the last few years.

Prior to joining Citigroup, Andrew worked for AXA IM as Investment Sales Manager for London and the South East. Prior to this, he was responsible for strategic alliances at Threadneedle Investments. Andrew started his career in sales at John Govett in the early 90's, who specialised in closed end funds as well as derivative based open ended funds.

Andrew’s professional positions are as follows:

  • Founder, Atlantic House Investments Limited

Tom May
Chief Investment Officer

As Head of the European Securitised Equity Derivative and Secondary Market Trading teams at Citigroup between 2005 and 2008, Tom was responsible for a team trading all securitised derivative products on both primary and secondary markets.

During this time of significant growth for derivatives markets, Tom was instrumental in establishing Citigroup as a leader in both primary market innovation and secondary market trading for the UK private placement market. Prior to this, Tom was part of the Structured Equity Derivatives Trading team at Citi, with specific responsibility for Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance and Delta 1 Trading.

Tom’s professional positions are as follows:

  • Founder, Atlantic House Investments Limited

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