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About us

Structured Investment Solutions

Catley Lakeman is the market-leading provider of defined-return investments to asset managers. We can evidence a strong track record of adding value to indices over a wide range of markets and client requirements.

  • Established by Russell Catley, Andrew Lakeman and Tom May in August 2008
  • Unparalleled experience
  • Exceptionally qualified team of 21
  • Leaders in the institutional market for securitised investments
  • Growing reputation for hedging advice and execution
  • Over £9.9bn originated and executed since launch*
  • Over 72,000 trades executed since launch*
* as at 4 July 2019

Core strategies (payoffs) issued across most global large cap indices:

  • Defined return
  • Index participation (capped/uncapped)
  • Yield enhancement
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Fixed Income

Manage duration, liquidity and supply risks of investing in fixed income with bespoke solutions:

  • Index credit-linked notes
  • Single name credit-linked notes
  • Bond re-packs
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Our sister company, Atlantic House Investments (AHI) was launched in 2012, as a number of clients had asked for access to our defined return investments in a UCITs fund.

Today AHI manages over £1.3 billion (as at 28/02/2021):

  • Atlantic House Defined Returns Fund
  • Atlantic House Total Return Fund
  • Atlantic House US Enhanced Equity Fund
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Advice on pricing and execution across a range of hedging strategies, including:

  • Listed options wrapped into a security for structural reasons
  • Exotic multi-index (correlation) hedges
  • Exotic multi-asset hedges
  • Interest rate hedges (CMS, Swaptions)
  • Vanilla currency hedges
  • Securitised futures
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Often referred to as Delta 1 and informally referred to as "customised ETFs", in other words enabling access to assets for which an ETF is unavailable, for example:

  • Market cap and sector baskets
  • Actively managed stock baskets
  • Hard to access asset classes
  • Relative value trades
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